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Property Marketing: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Property Marketing: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Around 30% of homes were bought with all-cash offers in 2021. 

With so many individuals purchasing homes, it can be difficult to find quality tenants for your property. Yet your home's profitability and value depend upon finding renters who are dependable, clean, and respectful of their neighbors.

How can you plan your property marketing to attract the highest-quality clients?

Let's take a look.

Keep Your Tenants Happy

Word of mouth is important, and keeping your tenants satisfied is a critical component of property management. 

Make sure to respond right away if your tenant has a problem, whether it's a leaky faucet or a blown fuse. You don't want tenants telling others that they had difficulty getting their landlord to maintain the property.

Make Sure Technology Is Up-to-Date

In these days of remote work, internet speed is critical to keeping your tenants happy. If necessary, upgrade to a better package. You can also try to include smart technology in other parts of the home.

For example, tenants may really appreciate programmable thermostats and lighting or even virtual assistants such as Alexa. Garage doors and doorbells that can be operated through phones will also help tenants to feel safe and satisfied.

Make Sure Listings Are Honest

If you want to attract reliable tenants to your rental property, you'll need to make sure you're honest when advertising it. Include lots of photos as well as a throughout description of amenities and conveniences.

Is the home or building located within walking distance of parks or grocery stores? Does the area have a great school district? Is the train or bus stop a short walk away?

Areas like Saratoga Springs, for example, are known for their low cost of living, great education, and low crime rate.

Don't leave out anything that quality tenants could be interested in knowing about. There's someone out there looking for a home exactly like the one you want to rent out.

Make Applying Easy

When showing a home, you'll want to have important paperwork handy for anyone who might want to lay their claim to the property on the spot. These could include background, credit, and lease forms. 

If there is a lot of interest in a property on the day of a showing, some prospective tenants may sign in order to make sure a home that meets all of their requirements doesn't go to someone else.

Know What You're Looking For

It's important to have the qualifications of respectable tenants written down before you rent your home to them. What are your expectations in terms of income, pets, and cosigners? Is there a minimum credit score you will accept?

Having your qualifications visible can make it easier for you to turn down renters who aren't a good fit for our property.

Property Marketing For Quality Tenants

Finding tenants who will pay their rent and maintain the home is one of the most important elements of property marketing. With the right plan, you could be fielding applications from quality renters in no time.

For more information on renting and property managers in the Saratoga Springs area, contact us today.