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How Can Landlords Create a No-Smoking Policy?

How Can Landlords Create a No-Smoking Policy?

Can you believe that one out of every nine American adults is a smoker?

If you're a landlord in Saratoga Springs, NY, implementing a no-smoking policy for your rental property can benefit you and your health-conscious tenants.

Are you wondering how to do it? Continue reading to dive into some valuable tips for landlords to create an effective no-smoking policy.

Include a No-Smoking Clause in Tenant Agreements

You can start by including a specific no-smoking clause in your tenant agreements. Clearly outline that you prohibit smoking within the rental property. The smoking rules should include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and vaping products.

Emphasize that this rule applies to indoor and outdoor areas in Saratoga Springs, NY. For instance, they shouldn't smoke on balconies, patios, and shared spaces.

Communicate the Policy as Clearly as Possible

Take the time to explain the rules before they sign the lease agreement. You can provide them with a separate document or addendum.

This will explain the details of the smoking restrictions and the consequences of non-compliance. That way, you can solidify the expectations from the beginning and avoid future misunderstandings.

Display No Smoking Signs

Sometimes people may forget the rules. To fix that possibility, place noticeable "No Smoking" signs throughout the property. This is especially helpful in common areas like lobbies, stairwells, and outdoor spaces.

These signs will remind tenants and their guests that smoking is prohibited. For extra assurance, consider including the no smoking policy in any informational materials provided to new tenants, such as move-in checklists or welcome packets.

Offer Smoke-Free Properties in Saratoga Springs, NY

There are benefits to designating your rental property as a smoke-free property as a whole. This also means banning smoking inside the units and prohibiting it in any outdoor areas on the premises.

Advertising your property as smoke-free can attract tenants who prefer a healthy and clean living environment. Since secondhand smoke can kill, the importance of this can't be overstated.

Always Enforce the Policy

Enforcing the no-smoking policy is essential for its success. If you become aware of any violations, take action right away. Address the issue with the tenant, remind them of the policy, and provide warnings if necessary.

Be prepared to handle repeat offenders with appropriate penalties. As your tenant agreements state, these penalties can include fines or lease termination.

Update Your Landlord Documents

Do you need more landlord tips?

Don't forget to review your existing lease agreements and make sure they reflect the no-smoking policy. Keeping your documentation up to date is crucial for maintaining legal compliance and resolving any disputes that may arise.

A property management company in Saratoga Springs can help.

The Time for a No-Smoking Policy Is Now

Now that you've learned how to create a no-smoking policy, you can ensure the freshness of your rental properties.

We're happy to serve property owners in the Saratoga Springs, NY area. We handle everything from tenant screening to rent collection and beyond.

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