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A Quick Guide on Rental Property Maintenance

A Quick Guide on Rental Property Maintenance

Real estate is a good long-term investment if you know how to play it smart. One of the first things you learn as a landlord is the importance of maintenance. You may have a beautiful home on the market, but neglecting maintenance can harm your business.

Some maintenance requests are as simple as changing lightbulbs. Other issues can be more complex and disrupt your personal and professional life. Maintenance requests never come at a convenient time and can easily get out of hand.

That's why we've created this guide to rental property maintenance. Here's everything you need to know about property management to prevent future headaches and make maintenance a breeze. Read on to find out more!

Laying Out Your Tenant's Responsibilities

Property maintenance can be a source of tension between tenants and landlords. A great way to ensure the well-being of your property is to cultivate an amicable and healthy relationship with the tenant. This means setting expectations and laying out some ground rules.

Landlords cover 78% of all rental repair issues. This includes broken windows, appliances, drain issues, and light fixtures. Your lease must contain outlines of the tenant's responsibilities and maintenance policies. It's also best to have a regular inspection routine to ensure your property is being taken care of.

Seasonal Property Maintenance

Spring is right around the corner, and it's a good reminder of seasonal maintenance. This is essential to ensure your property stays in tip-top shape throughout the year. Each season brings new challenges for both property owners and tenants.

In the spring, you will want to clear the gutters to prevent leaks. It's also essential to check for mold and minimize moisture. Spring is also the perfect time to check on HVAC systems after their hard work over winter.

Pest Control

Saratoga Springs is no stranger to pests like mice, termites, and ticks. Pests can cause huge headaches for both tenants and landlords. Your tenants want to live comfortably, and pests can damage your home and business reputation.

Some pests are seasonal, so it's best to conduct inspections during seasonal maintenance. Your tenant must also do their part in preventing pest infestations. Mice and cockroaches are usually a sign of dirty spaces and leftover food.

Fulfilling Maintenance Requests

Managing maintenance requests doesn't have to be stressful. If you coordinate with tenants, you can fulfill requests in a timely and efficient manner. Ensure that your tenant knows whom to contact for repairs.

It also helps to discuss which channels your tenant can use to reach you. You can have a business email or number to separate work from your personal life.

Try Rental Property Maintenance Management Services Today

Rental property maintenance is crucial if you want to make the most of your investment. Having a proper system in place ensures you can have clear communication with your tenants. But what if we told you there was an easier way to handle maintenance and repairs?

A property manager can help with managing repairs and requests. Contact us today at Veno Properties to learn more.