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3 Tips for Conducting a Tenant Criminal Background Check in Saratoga Springs

3 Tips for Conducting a Tenant Criminal Background Check in Saratoga Springs

Recent statistics reveal the importance of a tenant criminal background check. According to HUD User, almost one-third of adults in the U.S. have an unlawful arrest record that can create a barrier to getting housing. While not every criminal activity should prevent landlords from renting to an applicant, knowing a tenant's history and if they are at risk of illegal activity in the future is essential.

While you "can't judge a book by its cover," you can look for signals to help you decide which renter is the best following a tenant screening. Here are tips for doing tenant criminal background checks right.

1. Tell Applicants You Will Conduct a Tenant Criminal Background Check

While people interested in renting from you may be aware that you will run a tenant screening, it is vital to find a way to mention that you include a criminal background check too. You want to clarify that this is to discover if the applicant would qualify as a tenant.

It can help weed out some applications that may not get approved anyway. That is because if an interested party knows they have a red flag that you will find, they may choose not to apply. Another option is that they may tell you upfront what you will find.

Either way, it helps you identify the right tenant and possibly do less work to find them.

2. Carefully Review Background Checks

A tenant screening is vital to ensuring you have a good tenant. You want someone who can pay and take care of the property, and you do not want them engaging in criminal activity while they live there.

Although just because a blemish appears on the tenant's criminal background check does not mean you should deny the applicant. There are factors to consider. It should depend on what crime they committed and how long ago it happened.

You should consider if the applicant has turned their life around since the criminal incident. For instance, if the crime happened 15 years ago, but they have taken measures to make a better life for themselves, you should not hold it against them. Evaluating the tenant screening and weighing the information you see on their background check is essential.

3. Have a Saratoga Springs Property Manager Help You

When you have properties to rent, running tenant criminal background checks yourself can be time-consuming. Plus, you may not have enough experience to make the best decision. Hiring a Saratoga Springs property management company to help you with these tasks and more is best.

Professional property managers in Saratoga Springs can create tenant selection criteria. You can rest easy that you have a partner to help you find the right tenant to rent to.

Work With the Best Saratoga Springs Property Manager

Since evaluating a tenant is not always black and white, you need a Saratoga Spring property management company to help you assess the gray areas. A tenant criminal background check is crucial to the tenant screening process. It will significantly impact how the relationship with your tenant will turn out.

The experts at Veno Properties can help. We specialize in working with investors, homeowners, and landlords on tenant placement, full-service property management, and more. When you need help placing tenants in your rental property, contact Veno Properties.