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Difference Between Service, Emotional Support Animals, and Pets in Saratoga Springs, NY

Difference Between Service, Emotional Support Animals, and Pets in Saratoga Springs, NY

Animals are an important part of life to so many people. That's probably why 44.6% of American households have dogs. Of course, many families also have cats, birds, and other animals.

Some people even have support animals. Support animals are not your average pet. Instead, they're trained to provide services or emotional support.

As a rental property owner, you must know the differences. You'll also need to understand the law relating to support animals.

Continue reading to learn these things and more.

Primary Differences

Allowing pets in a rental property is a major decision landlords must make. Allowing pets has its pros and cons.

It's something you must analyze thoroughly before deciding, and you can consult a property manager for help if necessary.

However, service animals and emotional support animals are different. Registered service animals don't qualify as traditional pets. Therefore, people with these animals have rights that regular pet owners don't have.

Individuals with disabilities can benefit from having a support animal. The type needed varies.

A service dog helps a person with disabilities. For example, a person might need one if they cannot see. The dog can lead them around.

Another example is a person suffering from depression. They might get a service dog that reminds them to take their medication.

An emotional support dog provides emotional support and comfort to a person with disabilities or mental health issues. They have the pet primarily for comfort.

People have traditional pets for some of the same reasons. But many people also have pets for other reasons. For example, some people get them for companionship, while others have pets because they love animals.

You can hire a property manager to help you navigate the laws relating to support animals. Local property managers know these laws. They can help you manage your properties while abiding by the local regulations.

Learn the Laws Relating to Support Animals in Rentals

The Department of Social Services (DSS) handles support animal requests. New York allows any animal to be a service or emotional support animal. The person applying for it must present a request for this status.

There are several laws you must know as a landlord relating to support animals. First, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) provides rights to people with disabilities. One right is to have a support animal for help.

Next, you must learn the laws relating to security deposits. These fall within the Fair Housing Act (FHA). For example, the FHA prohibits landlords from charging a security deposit for a qualifying pet.

Avoid Legal Issues: Hire a Property Management Firm

Understanding the regulations relating to support animals and pets is important for rental property owners. However, rental property owners have a lot of duties, making it challenging to know everything.

A property management firm can help. They know the law and have expertise in managing properties.

Veno Properties operates in Saratoga Springs, NY. We provide hassle-free services for all types of rental properties. Our experience has helped many property owners run successful rental businesses in New York.

Reach out today to learn more.