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5 Summer Property Maintenance Tips for Landlords

5 Summer Property Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Did you know the median price of a home in Saratoga Springs, NY is $385,798?

When investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a rental property, you'll want to do everything possible to keep it in the best possible shape. One way to do that is to prioritize regular seasonal maintenance.

What sorts of things should be on your radar as an investment property owner this summer?

Continue reading to see five summer property maintenance tips for landlords. These landlord tips can be a game-changer and a godsend.

1. Maintain the HVAC System

When summer rolls around in Saratoga Springs, you know the HVAC unit in your investment property will see heavy usage. That's one reason you need to book an appointment to have it tuned up and serviced.

You don't want a situation where the HVAC unit suffers catastrophic failure due to a lack of maintenance or repairs. When the outdoor temperature is steaming hot, you want your tenants to keep their cool.

2. Remember, Landscaping

When you buy property, don't just focus on fixing up and maintaining the interior. You also need to pay attention to the exterior.

Don't underestimate the value landscaping brings to your rental property. For one thing, it's great for boosting curb appeal. That refers to the aesthetic appeal people experience when viewing our property's exterior.

Prioritize fertilizing and cutting the lawn, planting and weeding the garden, trimming and pruning the trees and shrubs, and cleaning and repairing the driveway and walkways. Doing these things will boost curb appeal.

One of the best property maintenance tips is to retain the services of a property management firm. It can handle maintenance and repairs so that you can focus on other things.

3. Check Alarm Systems

You must also check your alarm system to ensure they're fully functional. That means checking and changing batteries for the following:

  1. Smoke alarm
  2. Carbon monoxide alarm
  3. Home security system alarm

New landlords should prioritize doing certain maintenance items at specific times of the year. That reduces the odds of forgetting essential items.

4. Service Outdoor Amenities

Do you have an area where tenants can have some outdoor fun? If there's a section with a grill, ensure the grill, tables, and chairs are clean. You'll also want to ensure there's an adequate supply of fuel.

If you have a swimming pool, it's essential to have it properly serviced before allowing tenants to use it. Take all precautions to ensure that no one can access the pool area without supervision.

5. Clean the Windows and the Exterior of the Home

You'll also want to clean your investment property's windows and exterior. Use a pressure washer on the appropriate setting and refresh the home's outward-facing portions.

It'll be more aesthetically pleasing and boost the longevity of your windows and siding. You'll also find that doing so is an easy home improvement routine.

Do You Need Help With Property Maintenance

Are you an investment property owner considering hiring a property management company?

If so, contact us at VenoProperties to learn how we can help with your property maintenance needs. We can help with maintenance, repairs, and other things an investment property owner needs.

Get in touch with us for the help you need with your rental property in Saratoga Springs.