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3 Things to Know About Support Animals in Saratoga Springs, NY

3 Things to Know About Support Animals in Saratoga Springs, NY

Throughout the centuries, people have used animals to further our aims and make tasks easier for ourselves.

Draught animals like oxen and horses paved the way for progress long before combustion engines came along. In modern times, dogs still assist hunters, trackers, and law enforcement officials.

Often, our bonds with these creatures go far deeper than a simple working relationship. Nowadays, animals can also fulfill a supportive role for people suffering from stress or anxiety.

Read on to find out what you need to know about emotional support animals in Saratoga Springs, NY.

1. Support Animals vs. Service Animals

While emotional support animals do perform a valuable service for their owners, they aren't the same as service animals.

The definition provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act specifically states that the animal should be 'individually trained' to assist a person with a disability. In most cases, dogs fulfill these roles.

Examples of service dogs include:

  • Guide dogs who assist visually impaired people with navigation
  • Hearing dogs who alert deaf people to specific sounds
  • Psychiatric service dogs who can detect impending psychiatric episodes
  • Sensory signal dogs who assist autistic people
  • Seizure response dogs who can detect the onset of an epileptic seizure

As they perform such vital roles, service dogs must go everywhere their owners go, including rental properties.

Emotional support animals don't require specific training to fulfill their roles. Their presence alone is enough to bring comfort to their owners.

2. About Animals in Supportive Roles

Emotional support animals offer comfort to people suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar disorder.

Any domesticated animal can be an emotional support animal as long as they're manageable in public. The only difference between an emotional support animal and a pet is a letter from a licensed mental health professional.

To gain special rights for an ESA, the person must have a letter from a therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist stating that they have a qualifying mental condition that requires the presence of the support animal.

3. Legalities Surrounding These Animals

Under federal law, landlords cannot bar people from renting a house based on a disability. So, you can't refuse to accommodate a service dog if the person needs the animal for their daily tasks.

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to emotional support animals. In most cases, you will have to allow ESAs in rental accommodation if their owner has the correct paperwork.

One way to avoid the complications surrounding ESAs and service dogs is by allowing pets in your rental home.

Almost 50% of American families own a dog. So, by allowing these pets, you can widen your tenant pool considerably.

Alleviate Your Animal Accommodation Issues

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We're well-versed in all the legalities surrounding emotional support animals and service animals, too. Get in touch for expert advice and assistance with property management services in Saratoga Springs, NY.